Feb. 13th, 2011

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On Friday, Scott Walker released his proposal for the Budget Repair bill (covering the rest of the current biennium, which will end June 30, 2011) and has released a few details for this plans for the Budget for the next biennium, 2011-2013.

Walker's full Budget for the 2011-2013 biennium has not yet been released.

The best place for source documents in Wisconsin politics is The Wheeler Report. If you go there, you'll find links to Walker's Budget Repair Bill, his letter to state employees, the UW System's letter to its employees, and reactions from many state legislators, unions, and political organizations.
As a warning, most documents at The Wheeler Report open as PDFs.

News Coverage:
Teachers say Walker's cuts would hurt education [K-12 education]
Will Republicans back Walker's attack on public employee unions?
How much would a state employee making $40,000 have to pay under Walker's cuts?
Walker Plan Risks Public Employee Strikes
Wisconsin labor, student groups organize protest against Walker's public union plans
Walker says National Guard is prepared (Please *read the article* before quoting the headline out of context; this would be to step in if prison staff goes on strike.)
New York Times: Wisconsin May Take an Ax to State Workers' Benefits and Their Unions [Use bugmenot.com if you need a login.]
*Walker calls for cuts or big layoffs
*Budget's fate now in the hands of Legislature
*Wis. contract bill political payback?
*Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker defends efforts to balance state budget
*Protestors turn out for Scott Walker's visit to Appleton
*Union leaders, Democrats ready for a fight with Gov Walker on budget

Blaska's Blog: RIP, Wisconsin government employee unions
Walker is acting not as a governor, but as a dictator

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Facebook Events/Causes:
Protest Scott Walker / Hey look! the national guard
I <3 UW :: Governor Walker, don't break my <3
*Vote No on Walker's Budget Bill
*Boycott Scott Walker Contributors
*Wisconsin State Workers against Scott Walker
*Recall Scott Walker
*Virtual Wisconsin State Employees Unions Solidarity Vigil
*Mr. Walker, You're on Notice

Humor Relief on Twitter:
Scott Walker's SUV

Television Ads:
*This one supporting Walker's bill, paid for by Club for Growth
*This one against Walker's bill, paid for by AFL-CIO

Do you have other links you want to share? Other protests you've heard about? Want to vent about how this will effect you/people you know personally? Talk about it in the comments.

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