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On the Republican side, Scott Walker defends his seat. He has one Republican challenger, Arthur Kohl-Riggs, who insists he is not a fake Republican.

Democratic contenders are:

Tom Barrett, Milwaukee's mayor
Kathleen Falk, former Dane County Supervisor
Doug LaFollette, the Secretary of State
Kathleen Vinehout, State Representative

There is one fake Democrat, G. Huber

If you are, as some of my friends are, a Democrat who can't decide between the Democrats, or who doesn't care which of them wins, you could consider going to the polls anyway and voting on the Republican ticket for Kohl-Riggs. It might send a message if he got a lot of votes. However, if you do have a favorite Democrat, don't fail to give them your vote. It's always possible Republicans will show up to vote for a Democrat they consider to be weak.

For Lt. Governor, there are two real Democrats:

Mahlon Mitchell
Ira Robins

The fake Democrat is I. Weix

The Senate recall races all have primaries, as well, and there are fake Democrats on each ticket.

Here is the Wisconsin Democrats own page explaining which candidates are and are not real Democrats.

In District 12 (Fort Atkinson, Juneau, Beaver Dam, Watertown)Incumbent Scott Fitzgerald

Democratic challenger: Lori Compas
Fake Democrat: G. Ellerman

In District 29 (Wausau, Medford, Park Falls, Ladysmith) Incumbent (resigning) Pam Galloway

Democratic challenger:Donna Seidel
Fake Democrat: J. Buckley

In District 23 (Eau Claire, Neillsville, Chippewa Falls, Bloomer)Incumbent Terry Moulton

Democratic challenger:Kristin Dexter
Fake Democrat: J. Engel

In District 21 (Racine, Elmwood Park, Sturtevant, Union Grove)Incumbent Van Wanggaard

Democratic challenger:John Lehman
Fake Democrat: T. Varebrook


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