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John Doe Investigation Completed

The Feds say they have completed their investigation against Walker. Whatever that means.
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Remember we have primary elections this Tuesday!

On the Republican side, Scott Walker defends his seat. He has one Republican challenger, Arthur Kohl-Riggs, who insists he is not a fake Republican.

Democratic contenders are:

Tom Barrett, Milwaukee's mayor
Kathleen Falk, former Dane County Supervisor
Doug LaFollette, the Secretary of State
Kathleen Vinehout, State Representative

There is one fake Democrat, G. Huber

If you are, as some of my friends are, a Democrat who can't decide between the Democrats, or who doesn't care which of them wins, you could consider going to the polls anyway and voting on the Republican ticket for Kohl-Riggs. It might send a message if he got a lot of votes. However, if you do have a favorite Democrat, don't fail to give them your vote. It's always possible Republicans will show up to vote for a Democrat they consider to be weak.

For Lt. Governor, there are two real Democrats:

Mahlon Mitchell
Ira Robins

The fake Democrat is I. Weix

The Senate recall races all have primaries, as well, and there are fake Democrats on each ticket.

Here is the Wisconsin Democrats own page explaining which candidates are and are not real Democrats.

In District 12 (Fort Atkinson, Juneau, Beaver Dam, Watertown)Incumbent Scott Fitzgerald

Democratic challenger: Lori Compas
Fake Democrat: G. Ellerman

In District 29 (Wausau, Medford, Park Falls, Ladysmith) Incumbent (resigning) Pam Galloway

Democratic challenger:Donna Seidel
Fake Democrat: J. Buckley

In District 23 (Eau Claire, Neillsville, Chippewa Falls, Bloomer)Incumbent Terry Moulton

Democratic challenger:Kristin Dexter
Fake Democrat: J. Engel

In District 21 (Racine, Elmwood Park, Sturtevant, Union Grove)Incumbent Van Wanggaard

Democratic challenger:John Lehman
Fake Democrat: T. Varebrook

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Vote in the Primary today

Even if you plan to vote Democratic, so Obama is unopposed, and you don't care about anything in your local races, consider today a test run for the upcoming Recall and General Presidential Elections. Find out today if there's a problem with your registration or polling location. Make sure you won't get any surprises when it's time to vote later.
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If you haven't already heard, there's a streaming link to the GAB's secret location where they are scanning in all the recall petitions.

The recall cam is http://go.madison.com/recallcam

Parody Twitter account: @RecallCam

Poetry about the count: @RecallCam-Haiku
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Small town HS in the Rose Bowl parade

Yesterday, during the Rose Bowl parade, the marching band from Pulaski, Wisconsin marched and played "On Wisconsin," the Badgers fight song, over and over.

When they got in front of the reviewing stand they stopped and played something else. The crowd roared appreciatively but the commenters didn't notice what they were playing. They were playing "Union Maid," a union song from decades ago.
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Special Update on the Walker Recall at noon tomorrow

I just got an email from the recall headquarters saying there will be a "special update" on the recall effort live online tomorrow at noon.

Here's the link for noon Thursday.


Right now that link takes you to an appeal for donations, FYI, but I assume tomorrow something meaningful will be there.
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How to participate in the recall campaign

If you want to know more about recalling Gov. Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch, here are some links:

The Recall Scott Walker website has some good information, including an FAQ list. It will tell you where to download a petition, how to find the nearest Recall office to you, or when a local rally will occur.

Walker and Kleefisch cannot be recalled together, with the same petition. You need to sign for both of them, assuming you agree that a Kleefisch governorship would be just as bad as a Walker one. In four Wisconsin senate districts, you can also sign to recall a sitting senator.

There is some danger of recall opponents downloading the petitions, circulating them, and then tearing them up, leaving you believing you have signed when in fact your signature was thrown away. The best protection against this is to know and trust the person whose petition you are signing, or to sign at a Recall office or an official event.

Should you sign a petition of someone going door-to-door? Yes. The odds are good that they are legit. But if you have any uncertainty about the petition you signed, feel free to sign another one. There is a misconception out there that it is illegal to sign twice, and this is not true. The petitions will be combed through for duplicates, not only by the Democratic Party, but by the GAB and Republican supporters. Your name will be counted once only, and you are not in any trouble. I got this info from an NBC15 newscast which I will link here if I can find it on the web somewhere.

However! If you sign a second time and list a different residence, that is election fraud and there may be consequences. Also, please don't sign multiple times needlessly. They are shooting for twice the needed number of signatures, but let's not gum up the works for no reason.

From The Daily Kos:
Day 1 of the recall, by the numbers

Kickoff Rally in Milwaukee
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HUGE church rummage sale

The First Unitarian Society of Madison is holding a mind-boggling rummage sale, tomorrow, Saturday the 29th. Anything not sold by 3:00 will be loaded into St. Vincent DePaul's trucks. Over 2000 members and friends of the congregation are bringing in furniture, exercise equipment, sports equipment, books and CDs galore, tools, home decorations, appliances AND SO MUCH MORE.

ZOMG, this is nice stuff, and in huge quantities. O-O


900 University Bay Drive (across from the Children's Hospital)


7:00 to 3:00 tomorrow!

What to eat:

Bake sale goodies
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Recall Walker banner

Tomorrow, at the Wisconsin-Nebraska football game, One Wisconsin has paid to have a plane fly overhead towing a "Recall Walker" banner.

Edited: Actually, it will fly before the game--from 3:00 to 6:00. And they're taking donations to help defray the cost.
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Legislative Challenges Facing Individuals with Disabilities

Take a Stand: Legislative Challenges Facing Individuals with Disabilities

Free webinar on Sunday, October 2 at 7:00 p.m.

Register at: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/586211193

The landscape is changing for individuals with disabilities in Wisconsin. The opportunities for assistance for our friends and loved ones with disabilities may be shrinking. But how can you as an individual help to stand up for people with disabilities and make your voice heard?

Join Wisconsin Upside Down as they present a webinar featuring Lisa Pugh, the Public Policy Coordinator for Wisconsin's Disability Policy Partnership. Lisa will discuss:
  • Current issues of concern for people with disabilities in Wisconsin
  • Roles you can play in changing public policy
  • Resources for the next steps for family members who want to make a difference

    You'll come away armed with easy-to-follow steps to get your voice heard and stand up for your loved ones. You won't want to miss this important program brought to you by Wisconsin Upside Down.

    Lisa Pugh is the Public Policy Coordinator for Wisconsin's Disability Policy Partnership. In this role she educates policymakers at the state and federal level and coordinates and informs the work of other advocates, coalitions and organizations that support people with disabilities in Wisconsin.
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    Packers' game schedule

    Because it seemed like something we ought to have here. :-)

    Sun. Oct. 2 Denver 3:15 pm
    Sun. Oct. 9 @Atlanta 7:20 pm
    Sun. Oct. 16 St. Louis 12:00 pm
    Sun. Oct. 23 @Minnesota 3:15 pm
    Sun. Oct. 30 bye
    Sun. Nov. 6 @San Diego 3:15 pm
    Mon. Nov. 14 Minnesota 7:30 pm
    Sun. Nov. 20 Tampa Bay 12:00 pm
    Thurs. Nov. 24 @Detroit 11:30 am
    Sun. Dec. 4 @NY Giants 3:15 pm
    Sun. Dec. 11 Oakland 12:00 pm
    Sun. Dec. 18 @Kansas City 12:00 pm
    Sun. Dec. 25 Chicago 7:20 pm
    Sun. Jan. 1 Detroit 12:00 pm
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    Sputnik in Wisconsin

    On the local news tonight, they said that the Soviet satellite, Sputnik, the Sputnik, hit Earth at Manitowoc. I did not know that!

    Tell me something else Wisconsin-related that I didn't know! *g*
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    contribute in recall elections

    I have collected together all the campaign pages for the Democrats running in recall elections, for ease of finding them all at once.


    I've also offered, in my journal, to write a gen fanfic piece for anyone who contributes to one of these Democrats.

    I'm sorry if this is an unreasonably partisan post for a community dedicated to all of Wisconsin, but I'm sure someone could do a similar thing in their own journal for the Republicans and let us know about it here.

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    State senate primaries tomorrow

    I have posted a breakdown in my journal of which candidates are Democrats and which ones are "protest" Democrats.

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    Madison Summer Choir, Wednesday 6/29, 7 pm, Mills Hall

    Want to hear great music this Wednesday, but uninterested in mosquitoes and lawn chairs? Madison Summer Choir has the concert for you! Our theme this year is "Remembrance of Things Past."

    Selections will include... )

    This concert is FREE, though donations are gratefully accepted (the choir is all-volunteer; the orchestra is paid). Mills Hall (in the Humanities building), Wednesday, 7 pm. Please pass the word!
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    Happy Earth Day, everyone

    Created by Wisconsin's Gaylord Nelson and now celebrated in over 125 countries.
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    Let Them Know How You Feel

    The fourteen Democratic senators who have left the state to prevent the passage of Gov Walker's wretched union-busting "budget repair bill" are going to be hearing a lot of trash talking.

    So I thought I'd wave a flag of support. It takes around 8 minutes. How-to and addresses below the cut )
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    Protest news

    Rachel Maddow has had truly excellent commentary of protests in Madison, WI on her show. You can view/listen to the videos here. Sorry, there is no transcript or captions.

    Some news articles:

    Coverage of Saturday's protest at Huffington Post

    Madison Metro (bus system) could lose 45 million dollars in federal funding

    The bill's impact on Medicaid