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Take a Stand: Legislative Challenges Facing Individuals with Disabilities

Free webinar on Sunday, October 2 at 7:00 p.m.

Register at:

The landscape is changing for individuals with disabilities in Wisconsin. The opportunities for assistance for our friends and loved ones with disabilities may be shrinking. But how can you as an individual help to stand up for people with disabilities and make your voice heard?

Join Wisconsin Upside Down as they present a webinar featuring Lisa Pugh, the Public Policy Coordinator for Wisconsin's Disability Policy Partnership. Lisa will discuss:
  • Current issues of concern for people with disabilities in Wisconsin
  • Roles you can play in changing public policy
  • Resources for the next steps for family members who want to make a difference

    You'll come away armed with easy-to-follow steps to get your voice heard and stand up for your loved ones. You won't want to miss this important program brought to you by Wisconsin Upside Down.

    Lisa Pugh is the Public Policy Coordinator for Wisconsin's Disability Policy Partnership. In this role she educates policymakers at the state and federal level and coordinates and informs the work of other advocates, coalitions and organizations that support people with disabilities in Wisconsin.
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    The fourteen Democratic senators who have left the state to prevent the passage of Gov Walker's wretched union-busting "budget repair bill" are going to be hearing a lot of trash talking.

    So I thought I'd wave a flag of support. It takes around 8 minutes. How-to and addresses below the cut )
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    It's nigh on impossible for me to do a link round-up about the protests going on right now by Wisconsin's public employees.

    Luckily, the Internet has done most of it.
    The Wheeler Report has links to all press coverage by WI newspapers, and press releases by legislators, the Governor, and state agencies.

    The Isthmus has a guide to social media campaigns against Scott Walker, including comprehensive lists of Facebook events, Facebook groups, Twitter feeds, and groups/sites for a recall of Scott Walker. There's also a list of satirical Twitter accounts.

    This morning, the Cap Times posted did post an article titled, "Labor Activists strategize for 'class war' ignited by Walker budget bill." The article is here.

    Lastly, if you want longer posts about the current status of the Budget Repair Bill *right now,* I recommend Wispolitics' Budget Blog.

    If you have more links, post in the comments. I know there are some Flickr feeds missing from the Isthmus's list of social media.

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