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If you want to know more about recalling Gov. Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch, here are some links:

The Recall Scott Walker website has some good information, including an FAQ list. It will tell you where to download a petition, how to find the nearest Recall office to you, or when a local rally will occur.

Walker and Kleefisch cannot be recalled together, with the same petition. You need to sign for both of them, assuming you agree that a Kleefisch governorship would be just as bad as a Walker one. In four Wisconsin senate districts, you can also sign to recall a sitting senator.

There is some danger of recall opponents downloading the petitions, circulating them, and then tearing them up, leaving you believing you have signed when in fact your signature was thrown away. The best protection against this is to know and trust the person whose petition you are signing, or to sign at a Recall office or an official event.

Should you sign a petition of someone going door-to-door? Yes. The odds are good that they are legit. But if you have any uncertainty about the petition you signed, feel free to sign another one. There is a misconception out there that it is illegal to sign twice, and this is not true. The petitions will be combed through for duplicates, not only by the Democratic Party, but by the GAB and Republican supporters. Your name will be counted once only, and you are not in any trouble. I got this info from an NBC15 newscast which I will link here if I can find it on the web somewhere.

However! If you sign a second time and list a different residence, that is election fraud and there may be consequences. Also, please don't sign multiple times needlessly. They are shooting for twice the needed number of signatures, but let's not gum up the works for no reason.

From The Daily Kos:
Day 1 of the recall, by the numbers

Kickoff Rally in Milwaukee



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